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Thinking of buying or selling a house ?

Navigating the real estate market can be complex, particularly when it comes to buying or selling properties in different jurisdictions. Our team of property lawyers specializes in handling sale/purchase transactions in Victoria (VIC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and New South Wales (NSW). We provide expert advice, guide you through the legal requirements, and ensure a seamless process. Whether you are buying your dream home or engaging in commercial property transactions, we are here to protect your interests and facilitate a successful outcome.


When it comes to buying or selling a property, navigating the intricacies of the conveyancing process can be overwhelming. At R&J Lawyers, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for all your conveyancing needs. With our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction, we strive to ensure seamless property transactions and protect your interests throughout the process.

I. Streamlined Property Transfers:

Our team of experienced conveyancing lawyers is well-versed in handling all aspects of property transfers. We work diligently to streamline the process, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership. From preparing and reviewing contracts of sale to conducting property searches, our meticulous attention to detail minimizes the risk of complications and delays.

II. Contract Preparation and Review:

The foundation of a successful property transaction lies in a well-drafted and comprehensive contract. Our skilled conveyancing lawyers prepare and review contracts of sale, ensuring that all legal obligations, terms, and conditions are accurately reflected. We conduct thorough due diligence to identify any potential issues and negotiate favorable terms to protect your interests.

III. Title Searches and Property Investigations:

As part of our conveyancing services, we conduct extensive title searches and property investigations to uncover any encumbrances, easements, or other potential concerns that may impact the property. Our team works closely with clients, providing detailed reports and explanations to ensure a clear understanding of the property's history and any associated risks.

IV. Liaising with Relevant Parties:

Effective communication and collaboration are crucial in the conveyancing process. Our team takes care of liaising with relevant parties, including real estate agents, banks, mortgage brokers, and other solicitors. We ensure that all necessary documentation and information are shared promptly, fostering a seamless and efficient transaction.

V. Assistance with Finance and Settlement:

Navigating the financial aspects of a property transaction can be complex. We provide guidance and support in dealing with financial institutions, helping clients secure the necessary funds for their purchase. Our team coordinates settlement arrangements, ensuring all parties are ready for the transfer of ownership on the agreed-upon settlement date. We strive to minimize stress and ensure a timely and successful settlement process.

VI. Property Registration and Stamp Duty:

Completing the conveyancing process involves registering the property with the relevant land titles office and addressing stamp duty requirements. Our experienced conveyancing lawyers handle all necessary registrations and paperwork, ensuring compliance with legal obligations. We calculate and manage stamp duty payments on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant transfer of property ownership.

VII. Strata and Community Title Matters:

For clients involved in strata or community title properties, our conveyancing services extend to addressing the unique complexities associated with these types of properties. We navigate through strata and community title regulations, ensuring compliance and assisting with documentation and legal requirements specific to these arrangements.


At R&J Lawyers, we understand the significance of a seamless and secure property transaction. Our dedicated team of conveyancing experts combines expertise, attention to detail, and a client-centric approach to ensure successful property transfers. Whether you are buying or selling a property, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal services that protect your interests and guide you through the conveyancing process with confidence. Contact R&J Lawyers today to schedule a consultation and experience our trusted conveyancing services firsthand.